About Me

“My accomplishments in life are very special to me. A lot of my time is dedicated to School, Working, Maintaining Cleanliness, Exercising & Music. In my School’s Orchestra, I learned to play the following instruments: trumpet, french horn, alto saxophone & clarinet. When my School began Marching Band, I became my School’s bass and a snare drummer. Besides the instruments that I mentioned, I also took it upon myself in my free time to learn the following instruments: flute, harmonica, keyboards, acoustic guitars, bass guitars and electric guitars. The Music Production Software that I like to make my Music with are Garage Band & Fruity Loops. I write my own Songs & Poetry often. I grew up with a Turntablist & learned about Turntablism Scratching Too. My Child DJ name when I was a kid was “Crazy L!”, I was a fan of Left Eye from TLC and used to wear my bandanas on the opposite side of hers when I dressed up. (because left belonged to her)
I’d say that for the majority of my life I have listened to a lot of Music from as many genres that I could discover. I would go as far as to say that more than half of my life has been dedicated to Music for at least 80% of the Day on most and I can listen to songs on repeat all day sometimes.

Another one of my set accomplishments is that I can effectively run a mile in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. I enjoy exercising at home and at the Gym. My current Gym is Aspen Athletic Club. When I was in School Sports, I was on my School’s Softball team as a left field, short stop and catcher. I was also on my School’s field hockey, soccer & volley ball team and learned to swim. My School also did track in field and I was our first place shot-put thrower. I learned to bike when I was young and still do often and love to.

I am a Girl Scout, but haven’t been to meetings in several years because I moved from where I lived. Being a Girl Scout is a lot of fun and makes me feel proud. I have been instructed on safety basics for how to do a finger sweep on someone that is choking on food and have actually had to do one once. I also am trained in how to extinguish a fire, but have never had to and am blessed for that.

I have a passion for photography. I am a Photographer of Flowers/Insects/Lizards/and Environments. I love to edit all of my own videos and photos to make my own art from what I capture. Bringing out beautiful stills are a lot of fun and I love to share with others as well as view what other people shoot. I am not a Professional Photographer, but I do have standards for my photos and I get a lot of compliments for the ones that I do take.

When I was a young girl, I was a very advanced reader with a College level and loved to read to my Classmates in Class. I was the girl that people loved to listen to and I always won Awards in my School’s Morning Program Ceremonies at the beginning of each Friday. In the Ceremony, all classes had picked to give awards to the student who had the greatest of achievement for the class. I am proud that I used to win all the time; people have always loved me!

My current educational advancement is to become a Game Designer. I have been in School for my Bachelor’s Degree since 2010 and will be Graduating soon! I am hopefully going to continue to achieve my Master’s Degree to be a Writer for the Entertainment Industry. Either way, I have been offered to be accepted for an Internship in New York City with a very clever and renouned Company called Avalanche Studios. They are the Masterminds of the Just Cause franchise and Mad Max! My hopes is that I will be working in collaboration with Avalanche Studios, Square Enix, Eidos & Sony. I will then be on the level of cloud 9 and can begin to help donate to the Aids infected Orphans in China that are not allowed to be adopted & Smile Train.

I was always intrigued by video games because the family that took care of me was always playing them and I would watch them. Some of my favorite games were Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Mario, and Dragon Crystal. In Elementary school we started a typing class and when we were finished with our typing, we were allowed to play games until class was finished. Those games were Oregon Trail, Amazon Trail and Carmen San Diego. I never wanted that class to end. All of my other classes were boring to me besides typing and Art. Once I reached Middle school I was placed into a technology class where we learned how to build things, how to properly use safety gear, and design board games. I loved this class but it would often become boring to me when we had to sit and listen to the teacher talk and not move on to designing things. So I would always be kicked out of class and that led to suspensions and many other problems. It took a few years for me to find an ad in a gaming magazine for Full Sail University. At that time online classes were not an option so I went to a Community College for Computer Technology. I took basic classes like Art, Computer Tech, Marketing and Micro Economics. These credits were supposed to transfer to a University. There was never any doubt that I wanted to continue my education in the area of Video Games. I was upset that I would have to put off time that I could be getting started on that, with staying at some Community College that was boring to me. So, I had problems in my life and eventually I had to leave school. It took me several years after that, to find myself and learn that Full Sail University finally had online classes as an option. I did what I had to do, and was enrolled. I do not feel like I made a bad decision at all. I have learned a lot and am thankful that they offer the option to take classes online or I would probably still be trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life.

The skills that I have in relation to being a Video Game Designer at this time are typing, writing, communication, teamwork, PowerPoint, editing (both writing and video), designing game prototypes, designing documents, knowledge of marketing, understanding of software tools, Microsoft office and other Microsoft software, Visio flowcharts, leadership skills, basic art skills, understanding of game interface, some mechanics, knowledge of making organizational charts, graphs, and posters. I am in the process of learning more skills at this time and am very eager to learn about tools and software of my interest, which is to be a game designer; because that is what I am.

There is no other profession in the world that would make me happier than designing video games. I never played them as much as the hardcore players have, but I know what to look for and I can tell if someone is enjoying a game or not. I believe that I have the skills that are necessary to work with a top team of industry Professionals, to create breathtakingly successful game designs for the future of our industry. When I have successfully completed my B.S of Game Design degree, I hope that whichever game developers that I decide to send my resume and portfolio to, will consider my dedication and hire me as a new member of their ever changing business team”, Says Game Dev. Heather Anne.

(C) cooltext.com

(C) cooltext.com

A+ Grades

  • Overview of Media Design & Technology Industries
  • Full Sail Orientation
  • Game Mechanics

A Grades

  • Anthropology & Sociology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Leadership
  • Usability
  • Economics
  • Storytelling
  • Game History
  • English Composition 1
  • Interpersonal Communication

B+ Grades

  • Project Management & Assessment 1
  • Historical Archetypes & Mythology
  • Game Design 1
  • Statistics
  • Design Project

B Grades

  • Teambuilding
  • Design & Development Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Physics
  • Design Tools
  • Programming Foundations 1

C Grades

No Current

D Grades

  • Finite Math
  • Digital Literacy

Classes That I Still Need To Take

  • Level Design
  • Project Management & Assessment 2
  • Programming Foundations 2
  • World Building
  • Game Development
  • Systems Thinking
  • Aesthetics & Immersion
  • Game Design 2
  • Project Management & Assessment 3
  • Prototyping
  • Game Design Pre-Production
  • Game Design Final Project 1
  • Game Design Final Project 2
  • Game Design Final Project 3
  • Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership
  • The Art of Visual Storytelling
  • Script Analysis & Criticism
  • Character Creation & Development
  • Episodic & Serial Writing
  • Film Screenwriting
  • Writing For Games
  • Storytelling & Storyboarding For Animation
  • Advanced Script Editing
  • Creative Writing Portfolio 1
  • Creative Writing Portfolio 2
  • The Business of Creative Writing

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